Three to five days prior to your treatment, do not take Vitamin E or any blood thinners: Tylenol®, Advil®, Motrin®, and Aspirin*. It is best to avoid alcohol two days prior to treatment.  If you have a history of cold sores, it is optimal to pre-medicate with valacyclovir that Alithia PA-C can be prescribed in advance. *Should you have any heart condition, please continue aspirin per your doctor’s recommendations


Pain is minimal to moderate during the treatment session immediately resolves following the 10-12 minute treatment. A topical numbing cream can be applied prior to treatment that minimizes or eliminates any pain for most patients.


You can return to work or a scheduled luncheon immediately following BOTOX® treatment. This is where the “Lunch  Make-over” media push was actually accurate. After treatment, some have 1 or 2 pin point red dots that last a few minutes. You should not exercise nor lay in a face cradle for a massage, for example for 48 hours. Avoid tanning for 4 days following Filler treatment. These instructions are both communicated to you pre-treatment and in email as a gentle reminder of best care. 

  • A few thoughts about BOTOX®:  Some patients see minor immediate results following treatment, but these changes are subtle compared to wrinkle reduction in 14 days. Botox® does NOT only soften or eliminate wrinkles; it opens the eyes and raises the brows and this effect gives a refreshed facial appearance and a 5-10 year Restoration of facial contour. Results last from 2-6 months. A patient can opt to merely remove crows feet or merely lift the brows. These decisions made during consultation with Alithia. 
  • A few thoughts about FILLERFiller acts very differently than Botox® . Filler comes in 5 different forms: Juvederm XC Plus®, Juvederm XC Ultra Plus®, Restylane®, Sculptra®, Radiesse®, Silk® and Voluma®. Different Fillers has very different uses for facial restoration and it is important to know what filler to use for the end-point desired and to know that filler can do what BOTOX® cannot (and vice versa). Depending on both the filler used and area treated, results last from 3-24 months. Alithia will be clearly to explain outcome of each treatment.

\With a decade of experience, Alithia will advise a realistic Facial Restoration you can anticipate.  

Benefits of BOTOX® versus Filler (and vice versa) : 

BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers are NOT plastic surgery equivalents; these modalities are far more subtle. With filler, your results are immediate following an 8-10 minute treatment; you will look in the mirror and see YOUR face, except your face as it appeared 5-10 years ago! BOTOX®, however, requires 14 days to fully relax the muscles around and/or between the eyes to soften wrinkles and/or lift brows (depending on your choice of facial restoration). Combining Botox® and Filler does not always give a synergistic benefit as it depends on the individual's aging facial shifts. With a decade of experience, Alithia will advise a realistic Facial Restoration that you can anticipate.