Botox is the New Make-up: Time Magazine


June 19, 2015 | Amanda Elliott

“Talk to me when you’re 30,” my friend said, insinuating that I will join the growing fad and get some Botox when wrinkles start to show and my face becomes far from pretty...Since it is National Martini Day, while you raise your martini and get together for girl’s night this Friday, add this to your cocktail chatter—Time Magazine just published  a piece, “Nip. Tuck. Or Else,” stating that cosmetic surgery is on the rise. More precisely, Americans have had 3.5 million rounds of Botox. THIS YEAR...Let’s face it, we do A LOT to meet beauty standards sans syringe. We wear make-up, apply umpteen creams to our face daily, and schedule the weekly maini/pedi. Add this to your beauty regimen." Read More