“The natural law of beauty known as ‘the golden proportion’ uses the ratio of length to width. There is a third dimension to beauty: the skin’s light reflection that appears to the viewer as skin texture. Although the golden proportion is a fundamental measurement of facial beauty, I have observed cosmetic filler complete the third dimension to create a restored facial appearance, Beauty." - A. Broderick 

Benefits of filler: Your results are immediate. Following an 8-10 minute filler treatment, you look into the mirror and see YOUR face, except your face will appear 5-10 years younger. It is a truly rewarding, sometimes moving, experience.

Filler is an injectable gel; it feels and looks like thin and clear Jello® to touch. It is used to fill in the lines around the mouth and chin and lift the jowls. Filler comes in 8 different forms: Juvederm XC Plus®, Juvederm XC Ultra Plus®, Restylane®, Sculptra®, Radiesse®, Silk® and Voluma®. Different Fillers has very different use for facial restoration. It is important to know which filler to use for the end-point desired,

Filler also improves the appearance of recessed or acne scars.

Filler restores contours and lifts the chin jowls by filling the face in the areas that appear to have melted due to: 1) gravity 2) facial bone loss and 3) loss/drooping of facial fat pads. Fillers ...fill and lift, simply.


Benefits of BOTOX® versus Filler (and vice versa) : 

BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers are NOT plastic surgery equivalents; these modalities are far more subtle. With filler, your results are immediate following an 8-10 minute treatment; you will look in the mirror and see YOUR face, except your face as it appeared 5-10 years ago! BOTOX®, however, requires 14 days to fully relax the muscles around and/or between the eyes to soften wrinkles and/or lift brows (depending on your choice of facial restoration). Combining Botox® and Filler does not always give a synergistic benefit as it depends on the individual's aging facial shifts. With a decade of experience, Alithia will advise a realistic Facial Restoration that you can anticipate.