It is my work to communicate that when done properly, cosmetic procedures restore facial contours shift with stress and gravity. This subtle facial restoration allows the individual to appear rejuvenated and perhaps younger, perhaps restoring to them connidence in the workplace and in their personal lives.

One who appears alert, facially refreshed combined with The Wisdom gained from life’s stoic experience, gains.
— Alithia Broderick


BEFORE treatment:

Three to five days prior to your treatment, do not take blood thinners: Tylenol®, Advil®, Motrin®, Vitamin E and Aspirin*. It is best to avoid alcohol two days prior to treatment.  If you have a history of cold sores, it is optimal to pre-medicate with valacyclovir that Alithia PA-C can be prescribed in advance. *Should you have any heart condition, please continue aspirin per your doctor’s recommendations

During treatment: Pain

Pain is minimal to moderate and immediately resolves following the 10-12 minute treatment. A topical numbing cream is applied prior to tratment that minimaizes or elimates any pain for most patients.

after treatment:

You can return to work or a scheduled luncheon immediately following BOTOX® treatment. This is where the “Lunch  Make-over” media push was actually accurate. After treatment, some have 1 or 2 pin point red dots that last a few minutes. You should not exercise nor lay in a face cradle for a massage, for example for 48 hours. Avoid tanning for 4 days following Filler treatment. These instructions are both communicated to you pre-treatment and in email as a gentle reminder of best care. 

  • A few thoughts about BOTOX®:  Some patients see minor immediate results following treatment, but these changes are subtle compared to wrinkle reduction in 14 days. Botox® does NOT only soften or eliminate wrinkles; it opens the eyes and raises the brows and this effect gives a refreshed facial appearance and a 5-10 year Restoration of facial contour. Results last from 2-6 months. A patient can opt to merely remove crows feet or merely lift the brows. These decisions made during consultation with Alithia. 
  • A few thoughts about FILLERFiller acts very differently than Botox® . Filler comes in 5 different forms: Juvederm XC Plus®, Juvederm XC Ultra Plus®, Restylane®, Sculptra®, Radiesse®, Silk® and Voluma®. Different Fillers has very different uses for facial restoration and it is important to know what filler to use for the end-point desired and to know that filler can do what BOTOX® cannot (and vice versa). Depending on both the filler used and area treated, results last from 3-24 months. Alithia will be clearly to explain outcome of each treatment.


Benefits of BOTOX® versus Filler (and vice versa) : With filler, your results are immediate. Following an 8-10 minute filler treatment, you look in the mirror and see YOUR face, except your face as it appeared 5-10 years ago. Contrarily, BOTOX® requires 14 days to fully relax the clenched treated facial muscles.  With each passing day following treatment, patients see subtle eye restoration. Combining Botox® and Filler can but does not always give a synergistic benefit as it depends on the individual's aging facial shifts ("the melting look of the face with gravity").

With a decade of experience, Alithia will advise a realistic Facial Restoration you can anticipate.  


Professional and/or Parental rigors can be frankly exhaustive to the high achiever, and this work dedication translates onto the face with puffiness, lines and sags beyond what gravity will do. I am pleased about the first lady Michelle Obama’s recent remarks about Cosmetic BOTOX® since individuals can feel guilty about seeking cosmetic procedures for reflexive perhaps unexamined reasons. It is my work to communicate that when done properly, cosmetic procedures simply restore facial contours that allow the individual to appear refreshed and 5-10 years younger with no down-time and minimal discomfort.

BOTOX® and Filler reduces the amount of time necessary to get ready in the morning, evening and prior to pivotal meeting. Patients valur the fact that with the use of BOTOX®, less time is required for consideration of self-preparation.

To be clear, BOTOX® treatment allows one to appear more alert, less tired.

As a Cosmetic Dermatology Physician Assistant, I help individuals look their best by restoring a refreshed-appearing face and subtly restoring their facial contours.  I support individuals to put their best face forward and help them to communicate (non-verbally) to others, their capable status.